Open Arts

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Open Arts Community Choir is a part of Open Arts core programme. Open Arts runs highly successful, participative arts activities and events in numerous art forms, to enable disabled people to develop their creativity and artistic practice. It began as a research project in 1988 and became a charitable company in 1992, one of the first dedicated arts and disability organisations in Northern Ireland.

“Open Arts is an organisation which has a very special place in my heart! The ethos that runs through our classes and projects promotes inclusion, empowerment and creativity alongside professionalism, friendship and acceptance. Everyone has room to grow as an individual and be part of the incredibly supportive Open Arts family.”

Open Arts engages with disabled people in delivering high quality activities and events across a range of art forms by promoting artistic excellence and encouraging the participation of people with and without disabilities.

Our Mission A society that actively values and promotes the creativity and artistic contribution of disabled people.

Our Vision – To inspire and support the creativity and artistic development of disabled people.

Our Values – Open Arts is committed to the following 5 values, which underpin every aspect of our work. Inclusion; Respect; Excellence; Integrity and Empowerment.

Visit for more information about Open Arts and to learn about their year round programmes, and other stand alone projects that engage more disabled people in the arts, including older people, children and young people. Check out this bitesize 3 mins video that was made for their 25th birthday in 2017 to get an idea of the work they do.