Fans and Reviews

Open Arts Community Choir deliver stunning performances every time. They have a large base of fans across Northern Ireland, the UK and internationally. Here is what they have had to say:

“The OACC is a thing of true, unique and inspiring magnificence! Their beautiful sound radiates with humanity, musicality, understanding and love …an utterly wonderful collection of musicians – this is simply the very definition of what a choir should be!”
Brian Irvine
“I thought you were a real African choir! …you must make a CD so I can listen to you back home!”
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
“…high quality music… pleasure, and above all, Joy…”
Belfast Telegraph
“You all exude joy and happiness and it is obvious that singing gives you all such great pleasure. That is one of the reasons your performances are so moving. Your diversity also demonstrates that singing is for everyone…”
Janice from Dorest